Dry Utility Industry

One point of contact for all dry utility coordination and negotiations.

Our solutions for the dry utility industry are comprehensive and tailored to your project needs. Our expertise and knowledge of the utility companies allows us to manage the project according to your budget and timeframe.

  • Evaluate rule 15 and 16 refundable vs. discount options along with allowances and how to avoid SCE ownership charges.
  • Plan work orders to best suit the project and current utility tariffs.>
  • Consult with our client and utilities on project timing to reduce or eliminate line extensions and uneconomical line extension costs.
  • Coordinate meetings with communication providers to co-market for sales.
    Work with the gas and electric companies to meet state requirements for title 24 to increase tax and efficiency credits.
  • Gas transmission “Class of Pipe” for compliancy and possible replacement and grade change at no cost.
  • Electric transmission “Consent to Grade Letters”
  • Coordinate overhead relocations for cities with franchise agreements can request a one-time relocation at no cost.
  • Expedited utility design processing, avoiding costly delays.
For New Construction

Advanced Home Program This residential new construction program encourages
builders to develop new single family and multi-family homes that incorporate sustainable
design and higher energy-efficiency standards through education, design assistance and
financial incentives.

Savings By Design Southern California Gas Company’s energy efficiency program that
provides energy analysis and financial incentives of up to $150,000 for commercial
customers and $500,000 for industrial customers considering a new process line, new facility,
or new equipment.


California Energy Star® New Homes Program
Incorporate energy-efficient features while building and save!

Where To Find Energy Star® Homes
Ready to buy a new home? A brand new ENERGY STAR® home can reduce your monthly energy bill.

Sustainable Communities
Encourage and support the construction of sustainable and energy efficient buildings and communities.

Commercial / Industrial / Institutional

Savings By Design
SBD offers services and incentives to help these decision makers raise energy performance to a top priority.

Sustainable Communities
Encourage and support the construction of sustainable and energy efficient buildings and communities.

Boyer & Associates, Inc. has developed an outstanding full-service Dry Utility Coordination Company. Working in the utility planning industry managing all aspects of Dry Utilities in both Residential and Commercial applications. Through our extensive experience working with the Public Utility Sector we can take any project from undeveloped land to finished product.

We bridge the communication gap between the utility companies and your development team.

Our solutions include consulting and coordination, due diligence studies, cost estimates, advance planning coordination, refund and reimbursement tracking, composite drawings, individual lot exhibits, sleeve plans and bid documents.