New Construction Coordination

Our teams consist of Project Managers and Project Coordinators with new construction coordination, all of whom strive to represent each client in a specialized manner while adhering to our proven management template.

  1. Obtain and review plans/exhibits identifying the overall project scope and proposed phasing.
  2. Field/photograph site for familiarity.
  3. Contact the local utility companies and obtain the name of responsible engineer/planner.
  4. Prepare and forward exhibits identifying the project to the responsible utility representative.
  5. Meet with client to review construction schedule, phasing (Model Site) versus service points.
  6. Pick-up and review all preliminary plans, initiate changes as required.
  7. Coordinate preliminary designs between utilities and provide copies to the client and civil engineer for review.
  8. Prepare street crossing (sleeve) plan. (See Exhibit)
  9. Pick-up and review all final designs, contracts, and easement documents.
  10. Prepare Bid Packages to include all applicable utility specifications, plans and take-offs.
  11. Construction:
    1. Schedule and conduct pre-trench meeting
    2. Coordinate trenching and installation of facilities
  12. Follow-up on refunds.