Full-Service Dry Utility Coordination & Consulting

Boyer & Associates, Inc. is your trusted Southern California resource for Dry Utility Consulting, Coordination,  Planning and Project Management

We are here to help you achieve your development objectives! Let our team assist you in your development efforts with our consulting, our partners, our knowledge and our services.

Our services include dry utility consulting & coordination, utility due diligence studies, utility cost estimates, advance utility planning coordination, utility refund and reimbursement tracking, composite drawings, individual lot exhibits, sleeve plans and bid documents. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the utility companies allows us to manage the project according to your needs and time-frames.

Boyer & Associates Inc. is a professional consulting & coordination firm that provides costs estimates and coordinates dry utilities for development projects in both public and private sectors. We strategically bridge the gap between the developer and utilities that provide electric, telephone, CATV and gas services. Our approach is based on clear communication and efficient sharing of information between the professionals involved in a project through an innovative system called Project Tracker.

Our team has been associated with some of Southern California’s most complex and historic projects over the past 30 years, from master planned communities to commercial, mixed-use and multifamily projects. For more information about Boyer & Associates and our comprehensive dry utility services, please call us at (949) 388-5241.

We have the experience to help you understand the new directions of communication technologies and negotiate technological partnering, giving your business a competitive edge and turning utilities into profit centers.