Our Services

Dry Utility Consulting & Coordination

Feasability Review

Due Diligence Site Investigation for lenders, developers, utility companies, municipalities and engineers/land planners; our research includes fielding the site, obtaining as-builts or facility maps from the utility companies, and interviewing key staff.

Dry Utility Cost Estimates

We will prepare a comprehensive cost estimate based on the regional conditions that affect your particular project.  We utilize current contractor unit pricing so your estimate reflects real world conditions.  We will calculate utility fees including refundable, non-refundable, and reimbursable amounts.  We will estimate costs for streetlights and advanced energy fees.  We will determine estimated contractor charges for trench, conduit, and substructures.  And, we’ll compile it all in a detailed report.

Conflict Reports

Conflict reports identify facilities that may interfere with the planned development. This may require relocations, redesigns and undergrounding.

The report will identify each conflict and methods or alternatives to resolve the conflict and the cost.

Environmental Impact Reports

Qualified to answer questions for our clients during the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) stage of development. Our dry utility study thoroughly covers the complex research needed to complete the EIR.

Communications Technologies

We have the experience and the contacts to help you understand the new directions of communication technologies and negotiate technological partnering deals (AT&T SMART MOVES) to give your business a competitive edge and even turn utilities into profit centers.

New Construction Coordination

Our teams consist of a Principal-In-Charge Project Manager and Project Coordinator, all of whom strive to represent each client in a specialized manner while adhering to our proven management template.

Boyer & Associates provides other additional services such as Will Serve Letters, Availability of facilities report, Assignment of contracts  for all utilities, Tracking refunds, Applicant designs, Exhibits for Sales Disclosures.