Conflict Report

Conflict reports identify facilities that may interfere with the planned development. This may require relocations, redesigns and undergrounding. The report will identify each conflict and methods or alternatives to resolve the conflict and the cost.

  1. Obtain and review plans/exhibits identifying the overall project scope and proposed phasing.
  2. Field/photograph site for familiarity.
  3. Contact the local utility companies and obtain the name of responsible engineer/planner.
  4. Prepare and forward exhibits identifying the project to the responsible utility representative and request copies of all existing aerial and underground records.\
  5. A. Meet with each utility representative to review and pick up records and discuss pending projects.
    B. Review time frames for upgrading their facilities, as needed, based on phasing.
  6. Prepare exhibits identifying potential conflicts.
  7. Meet with client to determine the extent of conflict with respect to shoefly’s scheduling, relocations, removals and undergrounding (aerial), versus re-design of proposed improvements.
  8. Coordinate potholing.
  9. Prepare preliminary cost analysis identifying the various methods of resolving the conflict.
  10. Prepare a comprehensive report identifying each conflict, methods or alternatives to resolve the conflict, and the applicable cost.