Dry Utility Cost Estimates

We will prepare a comprehensive cost estimate based on the regional conditions that affect your particular project.  We utilize current contractor unit pricing so your estimate reflects real world conditions.  We will calculate utility fees including refundable, non-refundable, and reimbursable amounts.  We will estimate costs for streetlights and advanced energy fees.  We will determine estimated contractor charges for trench, conduit, and substructures.  And, we’ll compile it all in a detailed report.

  1. Obtain and review plans/exhibits identifying the overall project scope and proposed phasing.
  2. Field/photograph site for familiarity.
  3. Contact the local utility companies and obtain the name of responsible engineer/planner.
  4. Prepare and forward exhibits identifying the project to the responsible utility representative and request service point information.
  5. Meet with each utility representative to review service points and discuss design requirements peculiar to the area.
  6. Prepare a comprehensive cost analysis to include:
  • Contractor Charges (Trenching and Substructure).
  • Street Lights (Custom V.S. Edison LS1)
  • Utility Fees/Deposits/allowances/line extension costs
  • Refunds (electric, telephone and gas)
  • SCE Backbone Line Extension
  • SCE Rule 20 Charges
  • SCE Service (Rule 16) Charges
  • SCE 12kv Pole Relocations
  • SCE Transmission Pole Relocations
  • Telephone underground or overhead relocations